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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A disgrace of 25 marks question!

Posted by FilZah ZayaNah


25 marks for a single question in exams paper is such a disfavor!
If it's just for 1 (one) question is acceptable. But, for all of it? You must be kidding me!
It's like a torture for me. Having to answer 4 question with 25 marks for each of it. No sub-questions (except for 1 question). 

If it's a contract-related-subject exams, I can accepted. But for that particular subject is muzukashi for me. I have not much points to elaborate, to make it as 25 marks as the question want. -_-
It isn't fair to the students. Not all students are 'expert' in this goreng2 stuff. *sigh8
At least, give a sub-questions to it. With a fraction of 5marks/10marks/10marks. *At least!*i
This is among the thing that distract me from pursuing my study to Master Degree. The dislike of writing a long explaining answer. If it's within my capability/knowledge, it alright. But what if suddenly, it's out of my coverage or even if I forgot about that thing? I will bring disaster to the result! Oh my~
This is also making reluctant of being a lecturer. Some even doesn't really consider the students. Poor us.

'Ala kulli hal, I pray the best for the result. And I pray for the lecturers as well. May they be blessed by God. Amin.

*A'uzubillahi minassyaitaan ar-rajim.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Final of Measurement Final Examination!

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Finished up the final (insyaAllah) examination for Measurement subject yesterday (May 27th, 2013). Alhamdulillah.
I've taken the subject for 7 times, in total. Not that I failed the subject, but we are to take the subject every semester.
The subject, which is also called 'studio subject', begun since my very 1st semester in the main campus. It is a pre-requisite subject,whereby, in order to register for the next class, students are to pass the subject. In contrast, you are to repeat the subject; in this case, students are to extend their year of study. That shows how crucial this subject is.

I still remember bro. Shamsul, who was among our 1st measurement's lecturer, said that: " Measurement is like a bread and butter for a QS".
We were introduced to slip sort, SSM (the Std. Method of Measurement of Bldg Works) and those big2 drawings.

I still remember how hard (but exciting) it was during our 1st time to measure. We were given a set of A1 drawings i.e. the plan for tree stumps. We were expected to take off (measure) for the site clearing.
From there, the topics were getting harder and trickier.

In this 4 years time, we have measure from simple things such as tree stumps, reinforced concrete and formwork, up to trickier things such as reinforcement, steelworks and civil works.

-The study-
Year 1:
AQS 1100 Msrmnt of Bldg Works 1 (Brickworks, Floor, Wall, etc.)
AQS 1200 Msrmnt of Bldg Works 2 (Door & Window, Finishes, Water supply, etc.)
Year 2:
AQS 2100 Msrmnt of Reinforced Concrete & Structural Steel Works (Piling, Staircase, etc.)
AQS 2200 Msrmnt of Building Services & External Works (Sewerage, Sport facilities, etc.)
Year 3:
AQS 3100 Msrmnt of Advanced Building & Services (Lift, Drainage, etc.)
Year 4:
AQS 4102 Msrmnt of Civil Engineering Works (Roadworks, etc.)
AQS 4202 Msrmnt of Advanced Civil Engineering Works (Bridge, Railtrack, Dam, Jetty,etc.)

-The exams-
Measurement exams need a lot of preparation. We are not only expected to remember the theory. Understanding how things work really helps during the exams. Thus, we are to 'digest' on how to measure the things, and write it down in those cute slip sort paper. Though the time allocated was 4 hours, it doesn't seems enough for us (or for me at least). Time flies like a flash.
When I told people that I have exams with 4 hours time duration, they shocked. It might be the same as when I heard of their 2 hours exams. Shock-shock situation I guess. ;p

'Ala kulli hal, I will miss u someday, '4 hours Measurement Exams'!


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Voila! I has been such a loooong time since the last post. Mean of me.

Many things happen since the previous post. But I just kept it in my mind, hoping that that I will still remember it in the future. But believe what? That won't happen except for certain events. -_-
Thus, I've decided to write again here. So that I can recall what had happen to me all this time.

(See, even the English sounds weird.)

I'm hoping to be consistent in writing blogs.
It just that, it's not now as I'm kind busy with the final exams.
At this moment, I just sat  for 2 papers. there's still 3 more papers to go.

Till the next post.
(Praying hard)