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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A disgrace of 25 marks question!

Posted by FilZah ZayaNah


25 marks for a single question in exams paper is such a disfavor!
If it's just for 1 (one) question is acceptable. But, for all of it? You must be kidding me!
It's like a torture for me. Having to answer 4 question with 25 marks for each of it. No sub-questions (except for 1 question). 

If it's a contract-related-subject exams, I can accepted. But for that particular subject is muzukashi for me. I have not much points to elaborate, to make it as 25 marks as the question want. -_-
It isn't fair to the students. Not all students are 'expert' in this goreng2 stuff. *sigh8
At least, give a sub-questions to it. With a fraction of 5marks/10marks/10marks. *At least!*i
This is among the thing that distract me from pursuing my study to Master Degree. The dislike of writing a long explaining answer. If it's within my capability/knowledge, it alright. But what if suddenly, it's out of my coverage or even if I forgot about that thing? I will bring disaster to the result! Oh my~
This is also making reluctant of being a lecturer. Some even doesn't really consider the students. Poor us.

'Ala kulli hal, I pray the best for the result. And I pray for the lecturers as well. May they be blessed by God. Amin.

*A'uzubillahi minassyaitaan ar-rajim.


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